Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does HireList do?

Just think of us like your hiring concierge.  We use our vast knowledge about the world of online hiring (gained from working with over 4000 companies in the last 10 years) to help you properly set up your job and screening process.  Specifically, we help you write your job ads, we set up a careers site with a simple online application, we create screening questions to filter applicants as they apply, push your jobs to job boards and social media sites, provide you a login to our hiring system to manage the people who apply, and then train and support your team as you use our tools to manage the rest of the screening and hiring process.  We can even provide you with hiring assessments and background checks on the people you decide to hire.

Is HireList a recruiting or a staffing company?

NO! We DON’T charge high fees or a % of annual salary if you hire someone we find for you. We are significantly cheaper than hiring a recruiter and don’t base our fees on the new hire’s pay

How much does HireList cost?

We charge by the job for our services.  Pricing starts at just $59 for a single job ad.  If you hire more often, then you can save money by buying job ads in bulk for as little as $29 per job. (this price does not include assessments or background checks)

Does HireList replace our current hiring person?

NO! Using HireList is not like outsourcing your hiring to a 3rd party.  Our services & tools will simply make your current hiring team better at their job.  They will spend less time, but generate better results, and spend less money doing it.

Will I still need to post my job to paid job boards like KSL & CareerBuilder?

You might, but before you do that we suggest that you let us work with your job for a few weeks first. If after the first few weeks, you feel that you still need more applicants, we can help you find the most cost effective additional sources of applicants.  We generally find that the best additional sources of applicants will be referrals from your employees, which is something that we can help you with as well.

Do I have to sign a contract?

NO! We do not sign any long-term contracts with our clients. You can cancel any time. If you pre-paid for services, we will give you a full refund of any un-used portion of your payment.  Simply put, we expect to earn your business every day, not force you to continue to pay us if we don’t meet your needs.

What are the next steps?

You have 2 options to learn more about how HireList works.  Option #1, you can schedule a quick 15-minute demo.  Option #2, if you are currently hiring, you can utilize our our Free Trial and start to see hiring results like never before.  We’ll show you exactly how our service works with one of your current open jobs, generate applicants, set up your hiring process, etc. at no cost and with no commitment or pressure.