Applicant Tracking Made Easy

As a small business you are often required wear different “hats” to make sure the business runs smoothly. When it comes to replacing or growing your workforce, it can feel overwhelming, time consuming, as well as costly, all in hope to find the right applicant.

Problem solved! Hire List takes the work (and guesswork) out of the hiring process. Hire List is your one stop to write your job listings, push those jobs out to your social media channels and job boards, and even leverage employee referrals. You will now be able to easily communicate with hiring managers, track who applied to what, file and keep track of resumes, follow up with your candidates, and have the time and budget to get the best applicants!

We give you unlimited manager logins to make sure all involved in the hiring process can easily collaborate. If you’re worried about compliance issues, Hire List tracks candidates through each hiring stage with disposition codes to make compliance easy. This also means you get to say bye bye to spreadsheets! If needed, we have additional options that allows you to check up on your chosen candidate with comprehensive background checks (FCRA collection, drug testing verification, and MVR to name just a few) and email reference checking.

Job ad creation

Job Ad Creation

Hire List makes it easy to create Job Ads that will attract the best applicants. Our job listing editor steps you through the ad creation process with simple cut and paste features, fill-in-the-blank boxes, and drop-down menus. No guesswork here. Through extensive testing and feedback, we have created the perfect job ad creator to make sure you get what you need to post the perfect job and your applicants get what they need to apply for it.

Applicant Screening

With Hire List, screening all your new applicants couldn’t be easier. Our software lets you create custom job questions based on the requirements for your job. You can setup automatic disqualifiers and let the hiring software do the work for you. Your qualified candidates will be grouped separately from those who did not meet your minimum qualifications. You can quickly review resumes from only your qualified candidates, helping you reach your top talent faster. Our simple 5 star rating system and notes area keeps everyone on the same page. You, along with your hiring managers, can also score your applicants’ responses for an even better look at how they compare to the rest of the applicant pool.

Post Your Jobs

Getting the word out about your job openings can be tricky and tedious but it doesn’t have to be when you use the right hiring software. Hire List makes it easy to get your job postings seen. With a single click you can post your jobs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, or be used in an email. You have the freedom to post your job to any of the job boards you choose.  If you want, you can even leverage employee referrals.  If you need more posting options, we have that too. Attracting candidates has never been so easy.

Branded Career Site

No worries here. We will create a career site that looks like your company website. This ensures that applicants feel secure when they apply for a job with you. We take care of it all for you. We pull your graphics, color scheme, and give you an easy-to-apply layout. No IT is needed. The site is mobile optimized and also has job alerts function for those passive applicants. Once you sign up, your career site will be ready to go within 24 hours. Bring on the applicants!


It’s been said that knowledge is power, and that’s partially true. What you need is correct knowledge that can be applied to get the results you need—that’s power! With Hire List you will have that power because we give you right knowledge to improve your hiring process. You will have the ability to pull reports that track visitor and source traffic, application abandon rates, and time-to-fill . You can also pull EEO and OFCCP reports and applicant logs in a few clicks. These reports can help you make better decisions on your hiring process, saving you time and money!