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Our Hiring Software Includes

Branded Career Site: Separate page made for you with your logo that will be part of your company’s website. No programmers needed!

Job Ad Creation: Easily create job ads online and save for future use.

Online Application: No more paper or filing cabinets.  Applicants can submit their applications online! 

Push to Job Boards: Send your job ad to multiple job boards all at once, with a few clicks.

Source Tracking:  See where your applicants are finding out about your jobs.

Resume Collection: Collect job seekers’ resumes in one electronic place. Even track the source.

Applicant Screening: Set questions to help you automatically screen your applicants based on your minimum qualifications.

Manage Job Seeker Database: Search applicants and follow them through all the way to hire.

Collaborate with Managers: Simply send them an email with the applicants you would like them to see.

Simple Setup: Ready to use in minutes!

Simple& Easy:  Now, what could be better than that?