Applicant Tracking Made Easy

As a small business you are often required wear different “hats” to make sure the business runs smoothly. When it comes to replacing or growing your workforce, it can feel overwhelming, time consuming, as well as costly, all in hope to find the right applicant.

Problem solved! Hire List takes the work (and guesswork) out of the hiring process. Hire List is your one stop to write your job listings, push those jobs out to your social media channels and job boards, and even leverage employee referrals. You will now be able to easily communicate with hiring managers, track who applied to what, file and keep track of resumes, follow up with your candidates, and have the time and budget to get the best applicants!

We give you unlimited manager logins to make sure all involved in the hiring process can easily collaborate. If you’re worried about compliance issues, Hire List tracks candidates through each hiring stage with disposition codes to make compliance easy. This also means you get to say bye bye to spreadsheets! If needed, we have additional options that allows you to check up on your chosen candidate with comprehensive background checks (FCRA collection, drug testing verification, and MVR to name just a few) and email reference checking.